In every room of this building there is a double sided mirror in the middle.
The mirror shows the other half of the room combining the two halves into a perfect whole.
Every detail of the half is repeating itself, every scratch on the wall, every reflection of light, every possible movement.
Only the sound serves as a reminder of their unlikeness, of their artificial perfection.

On the second floor of this building there is a wall painting 1000 x 400 cm.

The painting covers the entire wall of one of the rooms, including all the existing elements of the wall,

such as the door, the plagues and the holes.

Loops, spots and drips of paint

apply over the entire surface of the wall.

Although the colors and the brushstrokes look simplified

the painting consists of many layers

which dissolve or extend over one another.

Unabundance of black surrounds them.

It is highly abstract without any form of representation.

It has been performed with physical aggression

and ferocious movements.

Standing in the middle of the room one should have a monumental and glorious feeling.

Inside this building there are no rooms, no stairs, no columns.

On the left side of the ground level of this building,

plastic bags are hanging from the ceiling.
The bags contain water and have a small hole on the bottom which allows them to drip. They drip continuously with a slow speed following each of them a different tempo.
The water drips on the top of a canvas 200 x 180 cm which is laying on the floor.
There is no connotation that you can associate the surface of the painting with a visual illustration, as the paint dissolves and changes simultaneously.